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Independence through Education
The faster we create a community dedicated to educational growth the less likely another generation will have to face the same odds.
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Educate Tomorrow mentors serve as guides for everything from college enrollment and training programs, to housing and job searches and application for available educational and social assistance. But most importantly, Educate Tomorrow mentors are real people who bring real advice and experiences to the table.

Training And Support

We ensure that our volunteer mentors are trained in serving the target population by providing on-going training and support. New mentors complete a three-hour initial training; and each month there are additional trainings available. Mentor training and relationship management curriculum is based on MENTOR's Elements of Effective Practice, which provides six evidence-based standards for practices, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Mentoring Policy and Procedure, as developed by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory and combined with the most up-to-date research and materials, from organizations such as the National Mentoring Resource Center and the Casey Family Foundation., this training includes information on the foster care system, the Road to Independence Scholarship (the Florida scholarship to any state university providing tuition waivers and living stipend for foster youth), interactive exercises based on the Transitions Framework (a framework of theory addressing the emotional and psychological transitions accompanying outward changes), and a detailed overview of how mentors can expect mentees to react to given situations. Mentors are also given a copy of the Educate Tomorrow Mentor Handbook, the mentoring curriculum Educate Tomorrow has developed based on community best-practices.


All of our mentors are over the age of twenty-five and hold a post-secondary degree. 68% of Educate Tomorrow mentors are between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four, and 32% are over the age of forty-five. In 2009-10 our volunteers average 39.4 hours per year with their mentee, and in 2012-13 upwards of 50 hours per year!

Educate Tomorrow currently has 26% Male and 74% female volunteers. 25% of our mentors are African American, 47% are Caucasian, 20% Hispanic, and 8% are of other ethnicities. 

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