Who We Are

Who We Are

We are seeking to build an inclusive community to help people help people.  We believe that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.  We desire to bring opportunity to those who need it in order to seek truly transformational, generational change.

Our Mission

Educate Tomorrow's purpose is to have a positive and enduring impact on the academic, personal and professional lives of those we serve, helping them to mature into strong, contributing members of our community.

Our Belief

Educate Tomorrow was created with the believe that neither poverty nor neglect should impede youth from leading successful adult lives. Educate Tomorrow works to fill voids left in the path to higher education and gainful employment for many youth who have been involved in the foster care system or other systems or circumstances that require support in order to increase opportunities and chances for success. Studies show that a low percentage of foster care students ever receive a high school diploma and even fewer go on to secure a college education or steady employment.  


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