Educate Tomorrow's COVID-19 Updates

Starting March 16th, Educate Tomorrow is advising our staff to work from home or in small groups if necessary in places where people are not gathering.

If there is a student or family in need they should email



To connect with students:
  • Caribu (Read Along Video Conferencing App.)
  • SeeSaw (Portfolio Management & Skill Development App.)
  • Educate Tomorrow (Enrichment & Life Skill Management App.)
  • Video Conferencing with Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp
  • Small-Group Meet Ups
To support students with food insecurity:
  • Food baskets
  • Publix gift cards, starting early next week
  • KEEP IN MIND: This may last for months, so we do need to be mindful of allocating our resources for a few months and prioritize those students who are in need and have no other resources they can access.

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