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Educate Tomorrow believes in making our programs as accessible as possible to those who need them the most. Our top priority is supporting under served children, youth and families in need of family stability or connection to a supportive community.  We believe in partnering with existing organizations to enhance a families and a community's assets. 



Our menu of high-impact programs and services:

  • Peer Mentoring: Educate Tomorrow at Miami Dade College and the Educate Tomorrow mentoring program at Colorado State University have, a Peer Mentoring program, through which the student mentor receives a monthly stipend to support other students in the program. The Peer Mentor coordinates and manages the scholars and other Educate Tomorrow programs that may be offered. Typically one mentor can manage 10 scholars or students.  Service Year Alliance awarded Educate Tomorrow with the Innovation Award for creating "an innovative service year model that has the potential to solve a problem at scale and create powerful social change".
  • Educate Tomorrow App: Use this mobile or desktop app as a case management tool to connect your students with goal setting and life coaching and help them stay on track with their life and school goals. Students earn points for their successes which can be used to “purchase” rewards.  To download the Educate Tomorrow app you can enter "Educate Tomorrow" in the apple or android app stores.
  • P3 Finding Your Power, Purpose and Presence Executive Internship: Young women engage in two weeks of self-development and workforce readiness to prepare them for a six week internship with a local executive-level woman.  Participants earn a stipend and ongoing mentoring.  
  • Positive Pathways Program: The Florida Department of Children and Families contracts with Educate Tomorrow to be the lead agency operating the Positive Pathways Program.  The purpose of the Positive Pathways program is to be an informed, empathetic and professional support for students experienced foster care.  
  • Promoting Degree Attainment Among Former Foster Youth: In 2019 Educate Tomorrow partnered with Helios Education Foundation to publish a policy brief exploring Florida's Policies, Programs, and Practices to Improve Post-secondary Education for Foster Youth.  
  • Graduate Fellows: The positions are individually developed based on interests and provide paid professional development for senior level students of Educate Tomorrow.  Graduate Fellows typically have earned an associates or bachelors degree prior to being selected.
  • Resource Center: As a physical location the Educate Tomorrow Resource Center provides a safe place for students to study, receive coaching, apply for jobs, prepare for entry to school (assessments) and learn about other community resources such as housing, food and jobs. It is also the site for group events such as birthday parties, graduation celebrations and life skills classes for program participants. The Educate Tomorrow Resource Center is a Department of Children and Families ACCESS site as well as a Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust Access point for youth experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness.
  • Unite Miami Service Partnership: Funded in large part by The Children's Trust of Miami-Dade County the service partnership is designed to work with families and their children or youth to include multiple services and/or activities to reduce the impact of familial risks factors that contribute to negative child/youth outcomes.  Using a strengths-based, solution focused approach, providers leverage protective factors to address issues threatening family stability.  The Center for the Study of Social Policy's Strengthening Families approach identifies five specific factors. 1) parenting and child development; 2) social connections; 3) concrete support in times of need; 4) knowledge of parenting and child development; and 5) social and emotional competence of children.  Services focus on improving parent and child/youth knowledge, attitudes and beliefs that will influence protective factors and target outcomes to reduce youth violence/disruptive behavior, chronic absenteeism and maltreatment.  Partners include Florida International University, Miami Dade College, MindLab Center, Lawyers for Children of America, Disability Independence Group, Guardian ad Litem, Voices for Children, Citrus Family Care Network, Florida Foster Care Review, Guitars Over Guns and Casa Valentina.  At any given time 300 children and youth ages 5-22 and their families can be served by this partnership.  
  • Global Field Academy: Is an enrichment program for school aged children and their families designed to meet the five specific factors for family stability outlined in the Unite Miami Service Partnership.  Academic and STEAM workshops with an emphasis on building social and emotional competence are available three days a week at MindLab Center and courses are available after-school hours at Dezerland Park Tuesdays-Thursdays during the academic year.  Monday and Friday field days are led by parent volunteers and/or community partners.  Parents can apply for full or partial scholarships based off of income or other qualifying factors and can receive care coordination to increase family stability if applicable.  
  • AOK Scholars: Recipients of this program are supported by the generosity of the Lawrence E. White Family Foundation and Educate Tomorrow staff who provide professional coaching and support services as well as needs-based funding, professional development funding and incentives for good grades and graduation from college.  

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