Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Orianne   Tairum

Orianne Tairum

Success Coach

Orianne Tairum is a lifelong learner born in Switzerland, where she spent most of her life driven by two passions: education and travelling. In her teenage years and early 20s, she explored British and Australian classrooms to learn English, before obtaining her Master’s degree in Literature and History, and her Master of Advanced Studies in Secondary and Higher Education. She then became a high school teacher and felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to accompany students in their life journey.

In 2016, motivated by her desire to continue to explore the world, she moved to Miami, where she became a school accreditation program manager and later on, the director of education for a not-for-profit organization.

Orianne is passionate about making an impact in students’ lives; as an educator, she wants to make sure that students feel valued, respected and celebrated as learners and as individuals.

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