Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Karie  Ward

Karie Ward

Executive Director of Fostering Success Michigan

Karie Ward serves as the Executive Director of Fostering Success Michigan, a statewide collective impact initiative that began in 2012 and focuses on postsecondary access and success for youth with experience in foster care. Karie works to support the network of campuses, community partners, youth, and statewide agencies that make up the education to career pipeline for students in Michigan.

She began working for FSM as an Intern and Graduate Assistant while attending WMU’s School of Social Work, graduating with an MSW in 2014. Karie has held many roles at FSM and has produced over 70 webinars, 32 podcasts, and facilitated 15 statewide network events. Additionally, she has led the FSM Network through two organizational transitions to ensure long term sustainability for the initiative.

Thought Leadership:

Fostering Success Michigan: 2019 Grantmakers for Education (GFE), New Orleans, LA; Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative Session, “Building an Education Safety Net and Pipeline for Foster Youth”, 75-minute breakout session with Jim Casey, Karrie Ward, Maricopa Community College, Kresge Foundation

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