Educate Tomorrow Board Member:  Emile   Innocent

Emile Innocent

Upper Elementry Specialist/Health Coach

Emile Innocent was born and raised in St Marc Haiti. After spending his first 12 years in Haiti. Emile moved to the united state to reunite with his Mother. The vast differences in language, culture, and resources between St Marc Haiti and Boston Massachusetts made adjusting to life difficult initially. Emile credits his love for soccer for guiding him trough adolescence, motivating his overall discipline, and supporting his education. Emile Holds a Bachelor of Health sciences Degree from the historic Howard University in Washington DC. Emile views Excellence in academic, and excellent health as inseparable. Participation in Sports not only benefits the learning process but also plays a major role in regulating the most common psychological disorders in adolescence include those related to anxiety, depression, attention deficit-hyperactivity.
Emile is a passionate youth Futsal and soccer coach who takes great pride in sharing his love and the benefits of sports with children. He has developed a complete developmental philosophy for young American soccer players.
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