Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Dr. Steve J.  Rios

Dr. Steve J. Rios

Researcher and Senior Director of Positive Pathways

Dr. Steve J. Rios, a long-time mentor and consultant with Educate Tomorrow, he serves as the Senior Director of Positive Pathways, a contract with the Florida Department of Children and Families.  Dr. Rios helps to support a network of campus and community based advocates for young adults coming from the foster care system striving to obtain a post-secondary credential. Dr. Rios holds a doctorate in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Florida International University and a master's degree in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University. Along with his wife Nohemi, Dr. Rios owns Rios Research & Evaluation, which provides data analysis for charter schools and Broward County Public Schools programs.

Thought leadership:

2019 Florida Philanthropic Network Annual Summit: "Education Options and Attainment Among Florida's Foster Youth". Orlando, FL. Dr. Steve Rios, Brett McNaught

2018 Florida College Access Network Summit: "Clear Answers to Perplexing Questions about Students Who Grew Up in Foster Care". Orlando, FL. Dr. Steve Rios, Brett McNaught


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