Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Dr. Amy   Rubinson

Dr. Amy Rubinson

Researcher and Care Coordination Manager

Dr. Amy Rubinson is a scholarly practitioner who has worked as a formal educator, an informal educator, a program director, and a school board chair.  At Educate Tomorrow, as a senior level staff person, Dr. Rubinson supervises the programming and program staff. She also directs the grant-reporting, manages internal database, and conducts internal evaluations on programming. 

She completed her PhD in Education from Colorado State University.  Her research is related to understanding factors that contribute to academic outcomes for underrepresented students who participated in an out-of-school-time STEM college-readiness program. 

She earned her Bachelor's from Emory University in Biology and a Master's of Science in Community and Social Change from the University of Miami.  Dr. Rubinson is a life-long learner who is consistently excited for the opportunity to grow from her professional settings and disseminate her knowledge with others.

Thought leadership:

2020 ACPA College Student Educators International Annual Convention."Nashville, TN. "Foster Care to College Graduate, A Likely Outcome". Dr. Amy Rubinson and Andrea Arrechea.

2019 Gathering of Leaders hosted by the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color. "Disrupting the 'Foster Care to Prison Pipeline'; Saving our Sons through Education". Detroit, MI. Dr. Amy Rubinson, Varzi JeanBaptiste

2019 Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA) with NASPA Region III. "Foster Care to College Graduate - A Likely Outcome". Raleigh, North Carolina. Proposal by Dr. Amy Rubinson, Andrea Arrechea; Presented by Dr. Amy Rubinson, Devin Floyd

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