Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Devin  Floyd

Devin Floyd

Program Director and Care Coordinator

Devin is a Program Director/Care Coordinator at Educate Tomorrow in Miami.  He joined Educate Tomorrow in 2012.  Born and raised in Queens, Devin is a strong-minded, determined, "vencedor". He grew up in an unstable environment, and was never quite challenged enough in school. Often times his grades and relationships suffered. Wanting more for himself, Devin moved to Houston, Texas and received a degree in Civil Engineering Technology from Texas Southern University.

Devin ended up in Miami in 2010. Working for the AmeriCorps VISTA program, he served the Faces of Homelessness Speakers Bureau for two consecutive years.  Devin uses his life experience and challenges he faced in order to teach others and guide youth concerning the dangers of falling into "risky" behaviors.  Devin is a certified personal trainer and high school basketball coach.

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