Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Cecilia   Palavecino Hernandez

Cecilia Palavecino Hernandez

Care Coordinator ,

Cecilia Palavecino was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where studied Anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires.  She is a Certified Montessori Teacher in Early Childhood Education by the American Montessori Society, and she has been teaching since 2005. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher.

The influence Cecilia had during her childhood and adolescence by being surrounded by children, adolescents and parents that were walking in and out of her home to receive psycho-pedagogical therapy since her mother was a psychopedagogist, have shaped the foundation on which Cecilia became an educator today: understanding that children learn at their own pace, that family environment and circumstances of each child contribute and determine their learning and development process, and that each child achieves his level of excellence with appropriate and right stimulus.

Cecilia is an active member of the American Montessori Society

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