Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Brett   McNaught

Brett McNaught


Brett became the CEO of Educate Tomorrow in 2012.  Educate Tomorrow has received awards for partnership, leadership and innovation from the Florida Department of Children and Families, Miami Today Best of Miami Educators in Crisis Time, Florida International University, Miami Dade College, Voices for Children, Switchboard Miami, The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, American Red Cross Women's Spectrum awards and College Board. Brett is an alumni of the National Urban Fellows Executive Leadership Program and the Miami Foundation Miami Leaders program where he attended the FIU High Potential Leader Program. Before Educate Tomorrow Brett was an officer of buildOn where he led their International programs from 2005-2012 overseeing the construction of over 1,000 classrooms for more than 40,000 children a day in rural Haiti, Nicaragua, Senegal, Mali, Malawi, Niger, Nepal and India. Brett served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa from 2001-2003. Brett has a M.S.Ed in Community and Social Change from the University of Miami. He is currently a board member of Hope for Haiti. He is co-chair of the Education and Employment committee for Helping Our Miami Youth (HOMY). 


2013 Brett McNaught named Voices for Children MVP Award for Most Valuable Protector Community Partner

2015 Brett McNaught and Virginia Emmons named Florida International University Path Award Winner for Social Well Being

2018 Brett McNaught named Florida Department of Child and Families' Child Welfare Champion Award

2020 Brett McNaught named Miami Today Best of Miami "Educator in Crisis Time"

Thought leadership:

2019 Florida Department of Children and Families Child Protection Summit: Impact of Positive Pathways, A National Model to Support Postsecondary Success of Students from Foster Care: Orlando, FL. Racqui Perry, Brett McNaught, Brandie McCabe (DCF).

2019 Florida Philanthropic Network Annual Summit: "Education Options and Attainment Among Florida's Foster Youth". Orlando, FL. Dr. Steve Rios, Brett McNaught.

2018 Florida Philanthropic Networks 10th Annual Statewide Summit on Philanthropy: "Innovative Scholarships-Updating Practices for Improved Outcomes". Coral Gables, FL. Dr. Paul Perrault (Helios), Brett McNaught.

2018 Florida College Access Network Summit: "Clear Answers to Perplexing Questions about Students Who Grew Up in Foster Care". Orlando, FL. Dr. Steve Rios, Brett McNaught.

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