Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Anja   M. Sherry

Anja M. Sherry

Certified Educator

Anja Sherry was born and raised to Swedish-American journalists in Hong Kong. She spent her teen years in Washington, DC and moved to Florida in 2010 where she pursued her studies and career in Elementary Education.


Inspired by a paragraph in her college textbook, Anja embraced Montessori philosophy and became a fully certified and working Montessori teacher in Lake Mary, Fl. After five years in private education, Anja followed a calling to teach at a Title-1 struggling public school, where she was determined to understand and improve the system for the children and teachers. Anja was rated highly-effective each year and was nominated team leader for her 2nd-grade team, though she was often shocked and discouraged by the demands on students and school staff in the public school.


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