Educate Tomorrow Board Member: Darius G. Nevin

Darius G. Nevin

Co-Founder, G3 Capital Partners,

Darius G. Nevin is co-founder of G3 Capital Partners, LLC, an early-stage investment company and expert advisor to private equity firms regarding the security industry.  In July 2013, Darius joined the Board of WCI Communities, Inc. (NYSE: WCIC), a leading luxury home builder. He serves as Chairman of WCI's Audit Committee and as its audit committee financial expert.  He is also the former CFO of two publicly-listed security monitoring companies: Protection One, the third-largest in the U.S. during his tenure; and Guardian International, which he helped grow into one of the larger companies in the industry.  

He has served as an Educate Tomorrow mentor since 2012 and as a board member since 2013.  Darius is the current chairman of Educate Tomorrow’s board of directors.   

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