Our Work

Our Work

At Educate Tomorrow, we serve current and former foster youth, homeless youth and similarly disadvantaged young people by striving to make higher education an attainable goal for all.

Our programs primarily serve these youth and young adults by providing multi-year, goal-oriented academic and career coaching, intensive skill-building workshops and enrichment activities.

Our Continuum of Care

Educate Tomorrow's Continuum of Care

One on One Mentoring

Life coaching is a cornerstone of Educate Tomorrow and provides one-on-one educational growth coaching to foster care dependent and “aging out” youth aged 16-23. ET innovated the casual social mentoring model used in many schools by pairing well-educated, motivated educational mentors with youths for individualized educational and career planning goals. Under the ET formula, life coaches become both mentors and career planners to help the young adults succeed at obtaining and completing a college education. ET life coaches are equipped with training sessions and on-going support from the ET Educational Mentoring Specialists to ensure ET youth gain knowledge, confidence and the sense of belonging crucial to a successful transition into healthy adulthood.

Life Skills

Educate Tomorrow’s life skill program, “It’s Your Life,” is designed to provide youths with important knowledge and skills for their adulthood experience. Expanded into a camp through funding from the Children’s Trust, It’s Your Life Camp is unique in that it addresses the specific needs of foster youths and consists of projects such as: personal budgets, mock job interviews, college and financial assistance applications, housing workshops about leases and renting, nutrition and well-being seminars, banking practices including a free savings account with starter funds. It’s Your Life Camp also provides an opportunity to match ET life coaches with youths based on mutual interests, thereby developing their mentoring relationship. Often, many foster youths have not had the means to partake in activities like camps or sleepovers so this annual event is found to be particularly effective and popular.

In School Support

The unique educational needs of foster youth are often overlooked. Only 50 percent of American youth in foster care graduate from high school. Less than five percent graduate from college. The long-term consequences of limited education often includes underemployment, welfare dependency and even homelessness.

To counteract these challenges, the our school and campus-based former foster youth and homeless assistance projects, a part of ET’s holistic approach to supporting the educational progress of youth in care, has been developed to train school district personnel about the educational needs of youth in care. The project helps create systemic change by not only informing teachers, staff, and other educational leaders about the needs of youth in care, but by offering the youth themselves the chance to participate in educational support groups and even to have in-school mentors.


Niger Program

Educate Tomorrow's International Program began in Kabey Fo, Niger, a small village located southeast of Niamey in West Africa. The school is host to 6 grade levels, adult literacy classes and is used for village forums.  The Primary School was built in 2003 and has four classroom education centers. Educate Tomorrow pays for the students' meals, school supplies, transportation, boarding and other expenses. In addition, the organization has built and stocked a health care facility and trained health care workers to treat the people of the village. 

During the 2011-12 school year, 64 children received a quality education with paid and trained teachers, food, medicine, permanent classrooms, school supplies and tutoring.  Of the 64, 61 advanced to the next grade level, a 95% success rate. For the 2012-13 school year, 71 students are being served through Educate Tomorrow's programs an 11% growth over the previous year.

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