UPDATE: Miami Dade College's Educate Tomorrow as Single Stop program to launch the Changemaker Corps

Posted by: Virginia Emmons on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 4:00:00 pm



Educate Tomorrow is pleased to announce that the Service Year Alliance named our service year model at our Educate Tomorrow at Miami Dade College the 2017 Innovation Award Winner.  They identified our model as having the "potential to solve a problem at scale and create powerful social change."

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The Franklin Project at the Aspen Institute, along with the National Conference on Citizenship and the Corporation for National and Community Service, announced on April 15th, 2015 that Miami Dade College was selected as the winner of the Service Year + Higher Education Innovation Challenge. MDC joins Drake University and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as one of only three winners of this prestigious national competition. 

MDC was selected for two awards: one in the community college category, and the audience choice award for the best project among all finalists. MDC's award-winning Service Year Changemaker Corps project is a peer-to-peer mentoring and support program that helps MDC students at the Educate Tomorrow at Single Stop program who have were formerly in foster care to mentor other former foster-care-system students, with the goal of helping them stay in school, graduate and develop employability skills. MDC received $40,000 from the Lumina Foundation to support the planning and creation of our Changemaker Corps project.  This is in partnership with the Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy (iCED) at Miami Dade College.

6 Changemaker Corps members will enroll in a 3 credit Leadership course and will receive 20 hours of job related training, a monthly stipend and transportation assistance while serving as a peer-to-peer menter 20 hours per week on their campus and in the community.  

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