Making A Difference

Posted by: Brett McNaught on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

41 of our students have now graduated from college. Graduates came from a variety of fields from certifications in phlebotomy and automotive tech to Master's degrees in Accounting, Social Work and Journalism. We are proud of all our Alumni!

The average age at time of graduation was 23.5 years old. This stresses the importance of Educate Tomorrow's policy that students never age out of our program, they can only graduate out and become Alumni.

Of our 88 students over 23 yrs old, 44% have a college degree or certification. That is compared with less than 5% of former foster youth in Florida and nationally.

93% of our students over 23 yrs old have a High School diploma or GED, compared with less than 60% of former foster youth in Florida.

The 41 college graduates have received degrees or certifications from 15 different colleges and universities. That means we need to cast a wider net and find supporters and mentors outside of Miami.

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