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Posted by: Brett McNaught on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 12:00:00 pm

For many years Educate Tomorrow has focused on educational mentoring and coupled that with life-skills trainings and college tours.  With a project led by Leadership Miami in 2012 we were able to redesign our office to support our youth in a more direct way.  We hired an education specialist, Sara Camacho in July and she has been busy putting together a ton of resources to fit the personalized needs of every person in our program.  So far it has been a hit with the students who are in the know.  We have had students using the Mentee resource center for successful job searches, housing applications, finacial aid, and resume writing.  It has been a favorite spot for some to get their home work done or to meet wiht their mentor.  We have top of the line and free ACT/SAT/GED prep software and a computer lab with internet.  It is just a fun place to come by and hang out.  We have partnered with the Doubletree Grand hotel to offer food at cost so we are able to offer every student that drops in a free hot and nutritous meal.  I have seen it really change the way we work.  I encourage more of our students, mentors and supporters to spread the word and utilize this great resource. 

Mentee Resource Center


Where: 1717 N. Bayshore Drive Suite 203, Miami, FL 33139 (located on the second floor of the Doubletree Grand hotel next to the Omni station)


When:  Monday 10am-5pm, Tuesday 10am-7pm, W-F 10am-5pm.  Additional hours available by appointment.


Phone: 305 374 3751, ask for Sara


The Mentee Resource Center is available to anyone currently in school or wishing to go back to school from 14-24 years old (if you are over 24 you are still welcome).  In June 2012 the Educate Tomorrow office was completely redesigned to offer a drop-in center for Miami students. 

What we have:

We have 7 work stations with computers and internet access.  We have access to unlimited free licenses to some of the best test prep and study tools available.  We have an educator on site at all times to provide one-on-one support and guidance, to create study plans and educational goal plans.  We assist with college applications, advice on vocational programs, financial aid, scholarships, online tutoring. As well as academic support we also help with resume writing, interview skills and job searches.  If you want a mentor to assist with your educational goals we have that available too.


Want specifics?  Here is what we have to offer.


Test Prep/Study Options




       Skills mastery and practice

            Online mastery-based resource for assessing and remediating college- and career-readiness skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Pre-built or customized assessments

Personalized learning plans

Highly interactive learning activities that enable students to master skills at their own pace


GED Prep (Merit Software)

(Can be a basic skills program as well, though geared for the GED)

            Must be done at a computer at the Educate Tomorrow office

            Interactive learning activities

Self-paced, and self-correcting lessons

Student scores are tracked in a record management system that allows instructors and students to view results and print reports.

The GED Prep Bundle consists of 8 separate software programs that have been effective in preparing students for the GED exam.

Topics Covered:

Language Arts: Reading and Critical Thinking Skills

Language Arts: Writing Skills

Mathematics: Computation and Problem-Solving Skills


Social Studies




Prep on your own time

Just for SATs

Diagnostic test that creates a customized study plan for each student

Videos on all SAT topics

Step-by-step problem solving exercises

Self-paces program

Lessons based on diagnostic and practice test results

Online Student and Parent Reports with Smart Reports™—progress, performance, and homework tracking

Smart Reports™. The student portal keeps you informed of your progress on each assignment as well as your performance on every tested topic. You can also view your practice test performance and analyze your strengths and weaknesses by topic area, question type, and more.

Smart Reports™ helps you stay focused on reaching your goals.

4 proctored tests per subscription


More for SAT and ACT prep

Also helps with basic knowledge

The Knowledge Toolbox is going to be useful for reference as well

Has visual, audio, and written explanations and activities for students to utilize and work from



Job Skills/Computer Literacy


Computer literacy program from everything from Microsoft word basics, to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet formulas (see catalogue list links below). 

            Programs have open access all the way up to the end of our product registration end date, which is April 15, 2013.  This means you can learn from any course offered up until that date. 

            There are course basics which are also supplemented by more detailed books, like those you would buy in the stores (ex: Microsoft for Dummies) to further educate and support the learner. 

Business Courseware Catalogue  

Desktop Courseware Catalogue

IT Courseware Catalogue

Environment, Safety, Health & Transportation Courseware Catalogue

Legal Compliance Courseware Catalogue

Certification Catalogue

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