Give $5, Get $5

Posted by: Brett McNaught on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

In September of 2012 Therafit Shoe launched a line of womens shoes and a determination for giving back to those who need it most every single time someone buys a pair of shoes.  Educate Tomorrow was honored to be a part of Therafits selection of 4 charities that are a part of their One Step Forward campaign.  Educate Tomorrow was also proud to be the winner of Therafits socail media contest to design your own shoe.  Co-founder of Educate Tomorrow and my wife, Virginia Emmons, designed and won the Therafit shoe contest with more than 700 votes.  She loves her Therafit shoes and now uses them every time she goes out to take our kids for a walk in the park or to exercise.  December is the month of giving, both gifts to others and charity.  I am excited to announce that in the month of December Therafit has stepped up to increase their giving to both you and Educate Tomorrow.  Through the Give $5, Get $5 campaign every time you use the Educate Tomorrow coupon you save $5 on a pair a Therafit Shoes and they give a $5 donation to Educate Tomorrow.  I am excited about the possibilities of this partnerhsip and I hope you join us in supporting Therafit, a company who is determined to giving back every step of the way.

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