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Posted by: Brett McNaught on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

In the summer of 2012 we were blessed to partner with a great Miami-based organization called PREPWORKS.  PREPWORKS was founded and is led by Tracey LaFlamme Ortega.  According to PREPWORKS: “In 2005, Tracy embraced the roles of both instructor and entrepreneur and created a goal-oriented, systematic approach to standardized test preparation and academic achievement. Students told their classmates and parents told their friends, resulting in word-of mouth success stories that turned out an exceptional number of students. Soon PREPWORKS was created to empower students to realize and achieve their personal academic bests. In the past five years, PREPWORKS has helped thousands of students achieve their goals.”

We have been working with PREPWORKS for the past few months and we are getting great reviews from the Educate Tomorrow students who are using it.  The program is engaging and interactive and really works at attaining knowledge not just for increasing test scores but for learning reinforcing core math, reading and writing competencies. 

And the best thing for Educate Tomorrow is that PREPWORKS is generous.  PREPWORKS understands that the youth we work with do not have access to abundant resources without a giving community around them.  Therefore PREPWORKS decided that all Educate Tomorrow youth should have that access, free of charge, in order to help make our entire community stronger and better prepared for the future, fitting with their goal of “striving to remove the barriers to educational opportunity and excellence in America.”

Educate Tomorrow is proud to partner with PREPWORKS and we believe that if this desire to make the entire community succeed can grow we will build a strong community with social equity and economic prosperity. 

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