At times the world can feel very small

Posted by: Brett McNaught, CEO of Educate Tomorrow on Friday, August 3, 2012 at 7:00:00 am

At times the world can feel very small.  A new cutting edge website can reach thousands of new people and can engage, educate and inspire from Miami to Mumbai.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter allow us all ways to get our messages out, to share with one another, to learn and to grow.  I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, @B_McNaught, and Educate Tomorrow, @educatetomorrow and to like us on Facebook,

For me, after growing up in a small town in central Illinois, I felt the world was small when I went all the way to Niger, West Africa to serve in the Peace Corps and wound up meeting my wife, also from a small town in the Midwest.  Virginia and I grew up just a 3 hour drive from one another and when we met we were living in mud huts with no running water or electricity and we felt that we were a couple of the luckiest people on the planet.  We still feel that way.  The Peace Corps was the beginning of the love story of how co-founder of Educate Tomorrow, Virginia Emmons and I first met.  You can see it here

Now, as I take over as the new CEO of Educate Tomorrow and as Virginia and I grow our family it is a new chapter in our life.  We hope that you join us.  We are working tirelessly alongside hundreds of Educate Tomorrow volunteers, sponsors, foundations and corporate partners each year to assist the most disadvantaged youth in Miami to succeed in high school, in college and in life.  I encourage you to learn more, to get involved.  We have learned that when you have genuine interest in creating positive change people will help you to succeed.  Come on, join us.  Become part of Educate Tomorrow.  With your help we can achieve something great.  

I am proud to be the new CEO of Educate Tomorrow and to celebrate the launch of our new website created by our friends at Facelift Designs, .  Educate Tomorrow has many new initiatives underway and I will share them with you all on this new blog.  

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