Project Oversight

Virginia Emmons, Executive Director & Co-Founder (Miami, FL)
Timothy Haskell, Field Consultant to Niger (Niamey/Kirtachi, Niger)
Alhadj Amadou, Director of Kabey Fo School of Betterment
Dou Dou Aboubacar, Director Lokkal Tokkrast (Kabey Fo)
Bilal Abdou, Medic and Lokkal Tokkrast Instructor
Harouna Amadou, Lokkal Tokkrast Instructor
Ibrahim N'Gatane, Director of Adult Literacy
Aklinin Aklinin, Literacy Instructor
Elhadji Ousmane, Grounds Manager & Building Supervisor (Kirtachi Boarding Project)
Bio Gado, Educate Tomorrow Board of Director (uncompensated)

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Virginia Emmons, CEO
Educate Tomorrow, Corp.
Miami, FL 33131
Direct: 305.789.8963

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