Educate Tomorrow Affiliate Program

Foster youth chronically slip through the cracks of educational systems and government programs, and in turn less than half finish high school, 42% are homeless within 12 months of exit from foster care, and 51% are unemployed at age 22. To challenge these statistics, Educate Tomorrow utilizes mentoring, life skills camps, and in-school support groups to holistically empower foster youth find independence through education. Educate Tomorrow changes the lives of foster youth today-100% of our mentees are sheltered; 95% are in school!

We care too much about foster youth to isolate our model in Miami. Therefore, we have standardized all curricula and created a program ready to replicate anywhere, any time. However we know that replication is not a cookie cutter process and we recognize that local nonprofit leaders know their communities best, know what is best for their communities, and care most for their foster youth. In turn, we invite potential affiliate sites to keep their leadership, their culture, their creativity, and their unique local touch; but take our brand, our standardized curriculum, our national resources, and above all-our success.

Given the chance of overexertion and/or failure for stand-alone non-profits, and the bureaucratic entanglement of other replication models, Educate Tomorrow offers structure and a proven method. We provide a holistic model, a brand, auditing tools, quality assurance, affiliate tracking, and support from all levels and at all angles wherever necessary. We assist in marketing, IT infrastructure development, accounting practices, fundraising, human resources, legal services, strategic planning, and program evaluation. Furthermore, we offer a model, where all affiliate sites retain control of their own affairs and communicate in a weekly forum to share lessons and best practices throughout the nation.

If your community would benefit from an Educate Tomorrow affiliate site, please note that great success requires diligent work and certain minimum qualifications.


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