Management Overview - A View to the Future

This section will help provide you with the resources needed to not only build a program but to constantly increase the focus on results and measures of performance. While the Educate Tomorrow headquarters is charged with multiple initiatives, particular emphasis will be put on the stabilization of the model, existing programs and growth through replication.

This section will help us to work together, step by step, to expand our partnerships, to build collaborative and fiscally responsible programs that support our mission, to strengthen our relationships with our large network of volunteers, and to create alliances across community, state and federal boundaries to address critical needs.   

Leadership will be the glue that binds and drives our program’s efforts and the catalyst that accelerates them.  Over the next several years, we will work to solidify our model program, expand our core infrastructure to reach to more students, bring tools and support to personnel and volunteers in the field, improve our core information technologies, and implement an integrated financial and program system.  

In this section, we will continually post and provide you with upgrades of our processes and develop teams, tactics and tools to address Educate Tomorrow program goals while improving overall communication.  We will implement mission-focused management systems and directives at appropriate organizational levels and systematically work to spread best business practices across the organization advancing Educate Tomorrow’s mission.  

Our budgets will be aligned with the Strategic Plan of Headquarters and Field Offices.  We will track program performance and the execution of our budgets by collecting financial and program information through improved financial, business and program management systems and audits.  We will compare program performance and financial information to better manage and improve programs.

 Finally, we will publicly report both our performance and financial results together each year, measuring our outcomes against the goals of our Strategic Plan and the targets of our annual performance budget.  Those results will serve as a barometer for our success and failure, establishing the metrics through which we expect the Board of Directors and our partners to judge us.  This information will make the Strategic Plan our link between budget and performance, as well as a tool to help steer our course into the future.  

 This section will help you to grow the organization and will help us organize the demands on our resources that will continue to grow significantly.  Our response must be a constant focus on efficient use and careful management of these available resources.  Only by effectively managing our programs, providing the tools for partnership and measuring the results can we adjust the tactics and strategies we use to meet our goal of management excellence, enabling us to deliver the best possible performance for the youth that we serve.

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