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Independence through Education
2015 Path Awards - Brett McNaught & Virginia Emmons McNaught
Today's Education, Tomorrow's Successes
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Seventy-five percent of the children in foster care are behind at least one grade level. They are also twice as likely as their peers to drop out before completing their education. You can help.

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That's less than half.

Only 46% percent of foster youth complete high school. Now compare that to the 84% completion rate of their general population counterparts. Are you a high school student in danger of becoming part of this statistic?

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A child whose family has been mired in poverty for 10 years is twenty times more likely to do poorly in school than a child whose family has held a low-income status for only 1 year.

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Brett & Virginia’s careers in service began on the edge of the Sahara Desert where they met each other while serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Niger, West Africa. They spent over two years living in mud huts without running water or electricity where they learned to speak the local languages of their communities, built their villages’ first schools and health clinics, and implemented adult literacy programs, health education projects, and agriculture projects. 

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Please call the office at 305-374-3751 to RSVP or to request more information.

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Please call Educate Tomorrow at 305-374-3751 for more information or to RSVP

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Please call Educate Tomorrow at 305-374-3751 for more information

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